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7.03pm. Hi all. We are all fine but in madly heavy traffic in belgium and have been seriously delayed so we will definitely be later than 10pm. We are now aiming to get the 9pm ferry but it might even be the 10pm. We are sorry for this but we cant change anything. I will of course keep u posted. Thanks. Paul

9.22pm thurs.most cubs are dancing their hearts out in the disco but 3 of ours ran out o steam and are zzzzzzWe were delayed getting the spotify setup for the disco so i put my ipod on. A cub said 'oi grandad play something modern'!!!!! Blooming cheek????????. All cubs kit is packed. We tried hard to ensure everyone got their own kit but bear with us if stuff is missing. We are all really tired but its been a brilliant week. Loads of fu. Mayhem madness and sillyness but all in the scouting spirit. You will be getting back a very tired cub but one we were proud to have with us. We award the cub of the camp tomorrow. All very exciting. Its the long drive back tomorrow but we are sure most cubs will be sleeping ????


1.20 thurs afternoon. have made beilliant cardboard jousting masks then made smart wooden swords with wool wrapped handles. Lunch was tomato spup then pasta with cheese then a chocolate cornetto. Yum yum. Down in town this afternoon for a few souvenirs and goodies. All cubs are good.



Good morning. 7.36am thursday. Leaders are up but not a sound from any cub. The programme is just so packed.   We had an awesome camp fire last night. Lots of silly songs with crazy actions then we cooked popcorn in sieves on broom handles and dough wraps on sticks   This all against a natural rock face backdrop. We came back from the fire for a final day debrief and two cubs were sat on the floor with clearly heavy eyelids. We walked with them to bed where they were asleep in seconds. We are onsite today doing a knights silly games tournament and then a big helmet craft session. We end the day with a disco. Clearly we need to support the bakery today. It has to be done. Lovely crisp weather again with low clouds and the stunning colours of the forest. We are looking at cub of the camp and its really close. All cubs have made us laugh, had their moments , lost their kit and been ace. The final day of activities then a pack up to rival all packups then a day on the coach. We always say Cubs really grow up on big camps like this and this trip is the same. Lots of great memories for everyone and hopefully not too tough for you as parents. We really get that this is a big deal for cubs and parents alike. 


7.16pm Wednesday Well what a day. We travelled to Sensapolis and spent 4 glorious hours zip wiring, sliding, climbing, crawling, dangling and running on so many indoor play items I can't list them all. Every cub found at least one new challenge or new thing to try and everyone had a great day. We are on our way back now. Lots of cubs Zzzzzzzz already. Hee hee. Tonight we have our excellent camp fire in the lions den fire circle where will cook popcorn and dough wraps and sing silly songs. Just what cubs love. All cubs fine and happy but really tored. We just dont stop here.  Cubs are getting changed for the camp fire where we cook waffles and popcorn on the open fire. All good fun

21.55 Tues. we went swimming but the main road there was shut so we took a rather windy route. A great pool with flumes diving board spa pool And. Outside pools. Back a bit late for dinner then we went for a great night hike with just burning fire brands to light our way thru the woods. All cubs are fine but already rather tired. Tidy rooms went out as they went in. Its like a clothes bomb went off!!!!! Off to sensapolis tomorrow. Twill be a great day


12.40 Tues. Just done a great walk and we did hill rolling. Brilliant fun. Its lunch then off to swimming the fun never stops. 

8.55am tues. wow. The mist has descended massively but its really sunny so its like we are in a foggy bubble. Really weird. Our voices bounce back with an echo. We are onsite this morning to do a castle treasure hunt then this afternoon we are off to the heated flumed rapids swimming pool. All cubs had a great hearty breakfast and now get that they lay and clear their own setting. Take note parents  they can do it themselves

Tues 27. 7.50am. History repeats itself. We were up before all the cubs. what a pleasure not to be woken in the wee hours. I walked to the bakery and bought each of our cubs a cake. Bright fresh heavy mist rolling around the hills and so peaceful. Just wait till the cubs get up????????. We did the ghost tower tour. James had to translate a lot but it all went well. Cubs then went straight to bed at about 9pm. The atmoshpere is great here. All cubs are fine and happy. All might not be washed tho. One cub asked me to get his case down last night so he could get his toothbrush...2 days in!!! Bear with us if you get a smelly cub back. Hee hee


Hii. Monday 5pm. Just back from a 5km walk up through the woods. Youd think some cubs have never walked before for the moaning!! The reality is the cubs are already feeling really tired. Fresh air, good food, walking.......they are getting tired now!!dinner is 6pm then a castle tower tour. All cubs are fine tho we are beginning to see some strains in the friendships. All good  though. No problems. Cubs are often quirky and we ae are enjoying getting to know them. We have our oldest cub adam and also the youngest ewan so a great age spread.  we went for a village walk this morn and as we walked through a steep glade we walked through a literal shower of leaves from the trees. A one off special event. The autumn colours of the forests on the hills is really great. We are working hard to get cubs to  lay tables, tidy up and learn a little about running a house though we make no guarantees these skills will stay with them when they come. Lol. Hope all is good back in the uk. Bye for now


Well good morning  all  we are all good. No tears sickness  or first aid. We are at breakfast and enjoying ourselves. The views are misty but lovely. A gentle ease in around the castle today. Treasure hunts challenges. Then the first of our hikes up thru the woods. We are also on twitter  hope you are all well. More later


9.17pm we crossed through Belgium then a short drive through south holland and now we've just had dinner at Burger King east of Frankfurt. The poor restaurant staff never knew what hit them when we descended on them.  It's dark and we are all getting nearer to the castle which is just 1 hour away and thus more excited. Cubs are all fine but feeling tired now (as are we). No sickness-wahay

aturday 4pm. 13 hrs to go. Are you ready. Are you packed. We are travelling by ferry not train from uk to France. We will have a grand breakfast on the ferry then packed lunch deep in France somewhere. Have you followed our trigger account yet. We will blog and tweet when we can. Don't forget the clocks change tonight



Thursday 22nd.... just 63 hours until we leave. i can feel the excitement levels rising....   :@)


Right, ive discovered my phone wont work in Germany so, just for the week of the trip, please feel free to text 07999066011 which is James' (Bagheeras) phone. He is with the trip and is able to use this number in Germany. thanks. We are also trying to setup a twitter account so everyone can tweet back and forwards. watch this space.



Hello parents. we will use this space to put daily updates of our exciting trip to Germany 2015. Please remember that no news is good news. we've done this exact trip twice before and we know what we are doing. your Cub will have a blast and we guarantee to tire them out (and us). Please ensure you are at Thurrock services this Sunday for 5.45AM (dont forget the clocks go back an hour so you get an extra hour in bed.


The castle we are staying in is called Reineck Castle -

One of the daytrips is to this place - awesome!!!