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Scouts leaders profiles
Brian Stock PDF Print E-mail

Hi i am Brian stock.

My role within the troop is scout leader but within our troop we work as a team so everyone has an input into the way our troop is run.

I have been involved in scouting since the age of eight and became a warranted leader in 1985 gaining a lot of experience over the years and now hopefully passing it onto the youth of today.

We currently have an active troop doing a wide range of activities so if you want to be a part of it send an email and get involved.


Andy Kemp PDF Print E-mail

My name is Andy Kemp and i am the assistant Scout Leader

Chucky PDF Print E-mail

My name is Chucky and i am an assistant Scout Leader 

Hi my name is chucky or my real name is (Marc) but everyone in Scouting calls me chucky I rejoined 1st Ockendon Scout troop on the  20/05/2010 and i am doing my leaders training at the moment . I started in 1st Ockendon Scout and Guide group as a Cub and then on to Scouts and from there on to Ventures Scouts. When it came time to leave Ventures i decided to go back to scouts to help the leaders out, running the troop and became more involved with in Scouting. I just hope that my time with in Scouting carries on for many more years to come.


Dan Clay PDF Print E-mail

My name is Dan Clay and I'm a assistant Scout Leader

Becci Inge PDF Print E-mail

My name is Becci Inge and i am a assistant Scout Leader

Charlotte Stephens PDF Print E-mail
My name is Charlotte Stephens and i am a young leader
Lewis kitchenham PDF Print E-mail

Hi, my name is lewis Kitchenham and I'm a young leader