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The Ockendon Scout and Guide Group, based in Tamarisk Road South Ockendon provides a positive contribution to society by helping young people to develop as active members of the community:

  • who are self reliant
  • who are caring
  • who are responsible
  • who show commitment

Scouting and Guiding works well when young people enjoy learning by working in partnership with adults. They do this by:

  • taking part in a variety of activities and new experiences
  • exploring the outdoors
  • participating in teams
  • taking responsibility.

Our method for giving young people the opportunity to learn by doing is called the Programme. The Programme is a continuous progression of training, activities and awards that covers everything that young people do in Scouting and Guiding from the age of 5 to 25.

Although Scouting and Guiding are two separate organisations, we have very similar policies and ways of working. The aims of Scouting and Guiding are clearly stated, but can be basically summarised as providing an opportunity for young people to develop, to learn and to enjoy themselves. Scouting and Guiding can offer a wider range of skills and services than perhaps other, more 'specialised', youth organisations could provide.

Scouting is open to any young person aged 6 to 25, of any faith or colour, mental or physical capabilities and of any sex. Guiding provides similar activities for girls only.

Scouting  and Guiding are both international, uniformed, youth movements. They are divided into several main sections, further details of which you will find on the appropriate pages on this website.:

  • Beaver Scouts (6-8 Years of age)                                        Rainbows    (5 -7 years of age)
  • Cub Scouts (8-10½ Years of age)                                       Brownies    (7-10 years of age)
  • Scouts (10½-14 Years of age)                                            Guides    (10 -14 years of age)
  • Explorer Scouts (14-18 Years of age)                                  Senior Section    (14 -25 years of age)
  • Scout Network (18-25 Years of age)

The Ockendon Scout and Guide Group provides opportunities for young people in all section apart from Scout Network which is an Essex County based section, organised locally.

There are also plenty of opportunities for adults to become involved as Leaders, Assistants or Administrators

On this web site you will find links to leaders of all the above Sections. If you have a child wanting to join or you have questions please feel free to contact the relevant Section Leader or myself.


Colin Ward, Group Scout Leader.