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Pen Pals in British Columbia, Canada

We are delighted to tell you that we now have pen pals.  We have exchanged several emails and we have received a package they sent us, it contained friendship bracelets for all the girls, they were fabulous.  Our pen plas are called the 2nd Ladysmith Sparks and they report a blog each month for you to see what they are up to.  To follow our friends go to the links icon at the top of the page and click on the link there.  Alternatively, check out our board at Rainbows as we have printed off the blog for you to read.

 1st Ockendon Rainbows

Rainbows is our section for girls aged five to seven, we meet every Friday from 4.45pm to 5.45pm.  They follow a programme called the Rainbow Jigsaw, which involves a wide range of activities and games. Being a Rainbow is all about learning, developing self-confidence, building friendships and, of course, having lots of fun!

The Rainbow Jigsaw has four areas:


Look: We encourage girls to look around them and learn about their own environment and community. We also help them understand that they are part of a wider world, perhaps through crafts or games from around the globe, or learning about festivals from other cultures.

Learn: Rainbows learn by taking part in a wide range of activities such as trying out crafts and recipes, playing games and visiting local places of interest.

Laugh: Rainbows have lots of fun. Meetings involve games, songs, parties, celebrations and making a mess!

Love: Through Rainbows, girls learn about caring and sharing with family and friends, working together, fair play, and being considerate and helpful to others.

The badges the girls can earn are called Roundabout Badges. They are spread out over a 4 week period and the activity is decided by the girls prior to the 4 weeks. When completed, they're awarded with their badge to be worn on the bottom of their Rainbow Polo shirt. They can earn 3 of these over the two years they are in Rainbows.

                             roundabout blue      roundabout red      roundabout yellow                                  

The girls have to recite the rainbow Promise in order to complete their enrollment to Rainbows.  After which they will recieve a name tag to sew on their uniform telling everyone they go to 1st Ockendon Rainbows, a Friendship Badge from all the other Rainbows to them and of course a group neckerchief with our very own specially designed woggles, that have, as one of our Rainbows commented, "a bit of glamour on it".

The Rainbow Promise 

I promise that I will do my best to think about my beliefs and to be kind and helpful


           The Promise Badge                                                              


At the beginning of each meeting we welcome everyone with The Rainbows Song

Look at the world around.
Learn everything you can.
Laugh as you go along.
Love this world of ours.

Look, Learn, Laugh, Love.
Rainbows has begun.
We're all here now.
Come and join the fun.

And at the end of each meeting, we sing our Goodbye Rainbow Song

Goodnight Rainbows
Goodnight Rainbows
See you soon
See you soon
Fun and games and laughter
       Fun and games and laughter       
And friends too
And frends too

This is Olivia, the Rainbows mascot