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Every Brownie is required to wear the correct uniform. This consists mainly of the yellow Brownie Tshirt and brown trouser or leggings.

7th South Ockendon Brownie Uniform now includes the Ockendon Group Scarf along with  our 7th Ockendon woggles, these are issued to new Brownies when they make their Brownie Promise.

 Brownie baseball caps

The uniform can be bought from the following places:

Guiding website at

Sue's School Wear:

Monday to Saturday
9am - 5pm
Extended opening hours
during the summer holiday

Sue's Schoolwear
18-20 New Road, Grays,
Essex, RM 17 6NG

Tel : 01375 377253 

Trading Post - This is run by our own Guiders, please ask your leaders for a form.


Brownies Badges



The Brownie Six


Brownies usually play and learn together in a Six, a small group of ideally 4 to 6 girls. Each Six has a different name and badge to match. Each Six has a Sixer who helps the Six to work together, helps new Brownies to settle in, and organizes the Six for activities and games. This helps her to develop leadership skills.

Interest Badges

Brownies can also choose from a wide range of Interest Badges. Sometimes they get a taster of a new skill or idea as part of the Adventure and want to develop it further by doing a related badge. Interest Badges can be done by an individual or as a group, at home or during weekly meetings.

Go For It! Guides

Towards the end of her time in Brownies she can work on Go For It! Guides, a special challenge to give her the chance to be more independent and to find out about Guides and how they operate. BY choosing and completing 4 activities she will receive a mini certificate which she can put into her G-File if she decides to go to Guides.

Perhaps the biggest adventure for a Brownie is to have a residential experience. It is hoped that every Brownie will have the opportunity to go away as a Brownie at least once during her time in Brownies. Brownies can have Sleepovers, holidays and/or camps. Brownie Guiders take a special qualification to run residential events.

A residential event gives the Brownies a chance to: • Get to know each other better • Get to know their Leaders better • Increase their self confidence • Gain a sense of independence • Have lots of fun • Learn new skills