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Open to all 6-8 year old girls and boys.
We meet every Wednesday at the headquarters at 6.15-7.30. Regularly we participate in outdoor trips such as grangewaters. Recently we have visited partyman at Lakeside, attended an evening at Davy Down and patricipated in a fun day at Condovers Campsite in Tilbury. In the summer the section visited Gilwell Park, Scouting headquarters for the annual Beaver Funday, at which beaver sections from all over Southern England attended. A one night sleepover was another key event that was organised for the beavers to join in with, this took place at Cherrywood Campsite in Purfleet. Each year we aim to participate in as many outdoor activies as possible, and also arrange for outside speakers to come into our meetings and speak to the beavers, engaging th echildren into talking and taking part in various activites. Recently, a local fireman came into one of our meetings and gave a talk about his job, this helped the beavers to gain another part of their friendship challenge.
Beavers is the first contact that the children have with Scouting. Within this section the children are taught how to interact and play with each other, and also learn key features of scouting, such as the law and promise which is built on throughout the Scouting sections. We also introduce a basic sense of discipline and respect for others, that continues throughout scouting. During our meetings we work towards 6 challenge badges, and several different activity badges which are incorporated into our programme. The 6 challenge badges all work towards the Cheif Scout Bronze Award which is awarded after all 6 badges have been completed.
Our objective with Beavers is to aim to have fun, while gaining key skills needed and the feeling of accomplishment when acheiving many badges. Many of the beavers enjoy seeing their arm fill up with badges!